1.  Team verses Team

Last Team alive wins the game.

2. Cops and Robbers

Robbers go and hide anywhere on the field, Cops will go and hunt them down

3. Defend the Castle

One team will defend the castle the other take the Castle.

4. Aliens against Humans

80% of the players will be Humans 20% of players will be aliens once the Aliens kill a human they will go to alien’s base tag and become alien if humans die they are out of the game

5. Ironman

Every player plays until each players paint is gone, when killed go to your base tag and you are alive again to re join the game.

6. Jail break out

Team verses team when a team member die they will go to jail your team will try and break you out of jail to become a live player again.

7. Capture the flag

Each team will start in each base your team will capture the flag and get it to opponent’s base.

8. Find the Bombs

Collect the items and bring back to base